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Paph chamberlianium
Paph chamberlainianum produces pretty sequential blooms over many months

 Paphiopedilums, or slipper orchids, are so named for their pouch which looks like a slipper, especially when viewed from the side. Cyperipediums(found in temperate regions) and phragmipediums(found in South America) are also part of the slipper orchid alliance. Cultivation for all three groups is very different. On this site we will focus on the tropical Asian slipper orchids, paphiopedilum.

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Paphiopedilum Orchids!

Paphiopedilum (Lady Slipper) orchids hold a special fascination for orchid growers. Revered for more than a century, their beautiful, often bizarre, flowers have captivated generations of orchid hobbyists. Additonaly, they often stunning foliage and are one of the few orchids that are attractive when not in bloom.

Once you understand the basics of paphiopedilum orchid care you'll also be hooked. This website is the result of many year's of experince growing, and selling, slipper orchids. 

Learn how to grow slipper orchids like the one pictured below!

  paph angel hair
  The long petalled and aply named paph Angel Hair

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